Certified Developer Program

This program is designed for Luminex Partners who are pursuing outsourced high quality assay development as a way to expand their assay menu. Luminex facilitates this by evaluating and certifying potential xMAP® assay developers against a set of specific, quality-driven criteria.

Luminex Certified Developer Program Overview
The primary goal of the Luminex Certified Developer Program is to establish a quality benchmark for assay development services on xMAP Technology. This program is a collaborative partnership between Luminex and companies who wish to offer assay development services. This certification process is structured to provide prospective program users an even greater degree of confidence when sourcing high-quality assays from the program participants.

Extend your capabilities and meet customer requirements
Members of Luminex’s Certified Developer Program deliver assay research, design and development support to Luminex’s Partners and customers. Utilizing members of the Certified Developer Program provides several advantages:

  • Identifiy companies with proven xMAP development expertise
  • Accelerate your xMAP assay development programs
  • The reassurance of knowing the developer has undergone a rigorous certification process.

Luminex Certified Developer Program Disclaimer
Luminex makes no warranties or representation (express, implied, statutory or otherwise) with respect to any certified developer or product sold by a certified developer, including without limitation the specific performance or quality of any product, compliance of any certified developer or its products with any applicable laws or regulations, or whether a certified developer has properly registered its products with the United States Food and Drug Administration or other Federal, State, Local Regulatory Agencies or other foreign counterparts. Please contact a certified developer directly regarding its specific product offerings.