Licensing and Business Development


Luminex values our strategic partners.  Our unique licensing model allows our partners to accelerate commercial success in a broad spectrum of life science and clinical applications by accessing our proprietary xMAP® Technology – the world’s leading multiplex platform.  We license xMAP Technology to existing and emerging market leaders who subsequently develop and commercialize assays for their customers. With our vast global installed base of xMAP instruments, Luminex can dramatically accelerate and de-risk our partners’ commercial success.  As of December 31, 2012, Luminex had 55 licensees, 40 of which have developed reagent-based products utilizing our technology worldwide. 

Here are some of the advantages to becoming a Luminex partner and developing assays on the proven xMAP platform: 

xMAP® Technology is the Industry Standard in Multiplexing

  • More than 10,000 Luminex instruments installed globally
  • Over 75 xMAP based U.S. FDA cleared products available today
  • Users of xMAP technology include major clinical diagnostic laboratories, large and small bio-pharmaceutical companies, and life science research facilities

xMAP® Technology is Flexible

  • Tests up to 500 distinct analytes simultaneously in one well
  • Nucleic acid or protein based applications
  • Open architecture design so you can develop your own assays and content

Luminex is committed to building strong, mutually rewarding partnerships with market leaders in life science and applied testing markets.

If you are interested in having your opportunity evaluated for consideration, please complete the Business Opportunity Proposal Form and email it to [email protected]

Companion Diagnostics 

As a developer, manufacturer and marketer of innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) kits, Luminex has the capability and expertise to develop and commercialize companion diagnostic devices that support the commercial success of targeted therapeutics.

From prototype assay development, to analytical and clinical validation, to regulatory filing, approval and market launch, Luminex is the ideal companion diagnostic co-development partner.  Some of the benefits that we provide to companion diagnostic partners include:

  • History of development and commercial success with novel diagnostics across a range of testing applications

  • Over 400 individual bioassays internally developed and commercialized

  • Regulatory clearances for first-in-class IVDs including molecular-multiplexed, real time PCR, and immunodiagnostic-multiplexed assays and systems

  • Global IVD launches in human genetics, infectious disease and personalized medicine
  • Flexible commercial models: FDA-cleared IVD kit, centralized reference lab and decentralized pathology lab

  • Expanding global presence of over 10,000 installed instruments to accelerate market adoption of a new targeted therapeutic
  • Regulatory cleared platforms in major global markets

  • Manufacturing under cGMP and ISO 13485
  • Infrastructure supporting global commercialization including: sales, marketing, distribution and customer support


We’d like to learn about your companion diagnostic requirements and share with you Luminex’s capabilities to accelerate adoption and reduce risk in a companion diagnostic co-development program.  Please contact us at [email protected].