Life Science Research Applications

Luminex provides multiple options for life science researchers to build solutions using xMAP® Technology. The ideal option will depend on the specific needs of the lab and the analyte(s) of interest.

LSR Applications Diagram

Assay Development Tools:
Develop Your Own xMAP Assay

A “do-it-yourself” researcher can economically develop an assay to meet their exact needs and specifications using microspheres and reagents that can be purchased directly from Luminex. Learn more.

Assay Development Services:
Have Someone Develop an xMAP Assay For You

Luminex has partnered with certified assay developers who can design an assay to meet your exact specifications. Learn more.

Pre-Optimized Kits:
Use a Pre-Optimized Multiplex Kit

Luminex has several strategic partners with vast menus of pre-optimized multiplex kits to choose from; each with expertly designed panels, which include the most important and relevant analytes for a given application. Learn more.

Testing Services:
Have Someone Test Your Samples For You

Testing services are also available from some Luminex partners, where all you need to do is simply submit your samples for testing and wait for the results. Learn More.

Life Science Research - End Applications

xMAP®  Technology developed by Luminex is ideally suited to a wide range of applications throughout the drug-discovery and diagnostics fields, as well as basic research. Highly sensitive and accurate, yet designed for high throughput and increased assay speed, Luminex technologies can help clinicians and researchers alike save time and costs while boosting productivity.

Learn more about the rapidly expanding menu of applications Luminex and our partners have developed using the xMAP Technology platform.