HLA Testing

Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLA) are found in your blood and are the primary source of immuno-rejection during an organ transplant. This class of markers is characterized by numerous genetic mutations, many of which directly affect the immune response during an organ transplant.  xMAP® Technology  allows high-resolution genotyping of up to 100 unique alleles within a single sample volume prior to a patient undergoing transplant surgery. The same xMAP platform can then be used to perform immunoassays that test for an antibody response in the patient post-surgery. xMAP is the clear choice for histocompatibility and transplant immunology labs requiring a high degree of multiplexing and throughput – reducing costs and boosting productivity.

Tests available from:

Donor Specific Antibody Testing Human 
HLA Class I and II Human 
HLA Class I Single Antigen Antibody, Group 1 Human 
HLA Class I Single Antigen Antibody, Group 2 Human 
PRA Class I Human 
PRA Class I and II Human 
PRA Class II Human 
SSO Class I HLA-A Human 
SSO Class I HLA-B Human 
SSO Class I HLA-C Human 
SSO Class II DPB Human 
SSO Class II DQA Human 
SSO Class II DQB1 Human 
SSO Class II DRB1 Human 
SSO Class II DRB3,4,5 Human 
SSO Cytokine SNPs Human