Autoimmune Disease

Diagnosis of autoimmune diseases depends upon identifying and discriminating between multiple markers that define the proper disease classification. xMAP® Technology is well-suited to this application, as it allows for internal controls to be built into each assay. Autoimmune profiles based on xMAP, employ microsphere sets that have been conjugated with an autoimmune antigen. A second conjugated microsphere set serves as negative control. This kind of multi-analyte profiling also provides excellent discrimination between positive and negative specimens — enabling greater specificity for fewer indeterminate results.

Tests available from:

Centromere B Human 
Chromatin Human 
DGP Human 
DNA Human 
GBM Human 
Gliadin A Human 
Gliadin G Human 
h-tTG Human 
Histone Human 
HSP-27 pS82 General 
HSP-27 Total General 
IgA (total) Human 
Jo-1 Human 
MPO Human 
PR3 Human 
RF Human 
Ribosomal P Human  Mouse 
RNP Human  Mouse 
Scl-70 Human  Mouse 
SLE Profile 8 (SSA, SSB, Sm, RNP, Scl-70, Jo-1, Ribosome-P, chromatin) Human 
Sm General  Human 
SSA Human 
SSA 52 Human 
SSA 60 Human 
SSB Human  Mouse 
TG Human 
TPO Human  
Transglutaminase A Human 
Transglutaminase G Human